Interactive map: Investing in First Nations community infrastructure

This map shows ongoing and completed infrastructure projects in First Nations communities across Canada, except for the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, as of March 31, 2019. It includes feasibility studies, new construction and renovation, and capacity development projects.

These projects are supported by targeted funds from Budgets 2016 and onward, as well as carry-over from Budget 2013 and 2014 commitments, for a total of about $8 billion through Indigenous Services Canada, until 2026-2027. Since the Budget 2016 announcement, $3.43 billion has been invested to support 3,979 infrastructure projects, 2,425 of which are now complete.

The map does not include permanent annual funding or statutory expenses related to the federal Gas Tax Fund. The number of projects may not add up to the number of markers on the map or entries in the table below the map since some projects involve more than one First Nations community.

Water and wastewater Housing Education facilities Culture and recreation Energy, sustainability and connectivity Health Solid waste management Fundamental community infrastructure Transformation
Community band number First Nation/
Province/Territory Category icon Category Project Name Project Status Action AssetClassID

The First Nations Solid Waste Management Initiative supports First Nations in developing sustainable waste management systems through modern infrastructure, operations, training and partnerships. It is accessible to all First Nations communities, not only those located south of 60°. This is an exception in the on-reserve infrastructure interactive map.

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